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Critique Conference 2013

18 February 2013

The journal of Marxist economics is holding its annual conference, titled 'Why Keynesianism cannot save the system'

In Defence of Our Party: timidity in the face of provocations

18 February 2013

We publish a report of the caucus of the SWP's opposition faction, and the disappointingly soft approach they look to be taking in the struggles to come

IDOOP faction caucus agenda and documents

17 February 2013

The In Defence Of Our Party Faction are holding a caucus in the run-up to a special conference of the SWP. In other news, the expulsion of the 'Facebook Four' has been upheld

Callinicos threatens "lynch mobs"

14 February 2013

The CPGB has been sent a copy of an explosive account of a recent ISJ meeting

Feature: SWP in crisis

11 February 2013

An unprecedented open revolt against the central committee has turned into a battle for the soul of the Socialist Workers' Party. Our articles and podcasts about the crisis, and SWP internal documents can be found here.

SWP: how about a real conference?

10 February 2013

The Democratic Renewal Platform in the SWP responds to the central committee's mealy-mouthed surrender over a special conference

A revolutionary situation develops in the SWP

09 February 2013

Bowing to pressure, the CC has acceded to calls for a special conference; but claims it will only be 'to reaffirm the decisions of January’s conference and the NC'.

Statement of the 'Democratic Renewal Platform'

08 February 2013

Another group of 60+ comrades in the Socialist Workers' Party have signed up to the opposition faction.

New faction launched in the SWP

08 February 2013

Over 60 members have signed a statement calling on the Central Committee to address the party's ongoing crisis.

Report of SWP's Disputes Committee and conference debate

09 January 2013

An unofficial transcript of the SWP's conference discussion on the report of the Disputes Committee, which led to the most hotly contested vote of the weekend