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Pre-conference aggregates: Faction report back

08 March 2013

The CPGB has been sent these report-backs from the recent SWP pre-conference aggregates

Repression and resistance in Iran: interview with Yassamine Mather

08 March 2013

Against the background of rising tensions in the region, the threat of new war and political, social and economic disintegration in Iran we present this interview

Seymour: Failed leadership, sham conference - we will not be silenced

08 March 2013

The CPGB has been sent this copy of Richard Seymour's reflections on the SWP crisis

Weekly Worker legal appeal: Model letter and motion

04 March 2013

SWP Special Conference Internal Bulletin

04 March 2013

The CPGB publishes a copy of the lengthy but sole Internal Bulletin allowed to SWP members in the run up to the March 10 Special Conference

CC dirty tricks, latest IDOOP

26 February 2013

The latest update from IDOOP exposes dirty tricks by the CC and its supporters, but will IDOOP continue being so soft in the face of this?

Destroy the students?

26 February 2013

The IDOOP report below indicates that a motion calling for a complete break by the SWP with its student members has been circulating

IDOOP's conference proposals

23 February 2013

Copies of the motions which IDOOP will attempt to put to the upcoming Special Conference have been made available.

SWP: Central Committee motion to Special Conference

20 February 2013

All the CC has to offer delegates on March 10 is the same old self-justifications

In Defence of Our Party: timidity in the face of provocations

18 February 2013

We publish a report of the caucus of the SWP's opposition faction, and the disappointingly soft approach they look to be taking in the struggles to come