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Teaching Callinicos a lesson

21 May 2013

Mike Gonzalez’s ‘Who will teach the teachers?’ is a polemical reply to SWP guru Alex Callinicos’s infamous ‘Is Leninism finished?’

SWP opposition: Signs of life

20 May 2013

Here we collect recent important documents that have come out of the remaining SWP opposition

Communist University 2013 - update

17 May 2013

Yassamine Mather Tv and Radio Interviews in Farsi

17 May 2013

Report: Left Unity national meeting

14 May 2013

Here we present Tina Becker's report of Left Unity's first national meeting (who went to the gathering as a 'volunteer' from Sheffield) and the text of Ken Loach's contribution

Left Unity: a critical appraisal

10 May 2013

Communist Party members will be intervening in the new Left Unity initiative, but as our coverage so far shows, it is not without its problems

Margaret Hilda Thatcher (1925-2013)

08 April 2013

As the 80s wore on, we realised that our assessment of the Miners’ Great Strike of 84–85 was badly misjudged. “A defeat, but not a strategic one”, we wrote at the time. Clearly, we were wrong.

Join the debate: Feminism (updated)

04 April 2013

Unreason all the way down

15 March 2013

The National Union of Students no-platforms George Galloway, Galloway sues the NUS, the left talks nonsense throughout and Paul Demarty wonders what the hell is going on

SWP special conference: an initial assessment

10 March 2013

Make or break? The CPGB has been sent a copy of this initial, personal, assesment of the Special Conference