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SWP: more suspensions - leading members boycott ‘Marxism’ festival

09 July 2013

The second wave of the SWP crisis breaks...

Fringe meetings at Marxism 2013

08 July 2013

The CPGB and Hands Off the People of Iran are hosting discussions on democratic centralism and the reality of political Islam

CU 2013- more confirmed speakers

19 June 2013

Left unity advocate Nick Wrack and (ex) SWP oppositionist Paris Thompson will be among the speakers at this year's Communist University

Iran: new opportunities, new dangers

17 June 2013

Yassamine Mather, chair of HOPI, is interviewed on the aftermath of the recent Iranian elections

SWP: Party Council

05 June 2013

Hillel Ticktin: world economy podcast #3

31 May 2013

‘The failure of the market and its unforeseen consequences'

Lessons of May '68: podcast

31 May 2013

CU 2013 - update #2

24 May 2013

Once upon a time we had a programme

21 May 2013

Ian Birchall has written an important piece revealing that the old IS did in fact recognise the crucial need for programme, if only briefly...

Thick skins v thick skulls

21 May 2013

The Fault Lines is a blog founded by a group of oppositionists inside the SWP. They will need thick skins given the current atmosphere in the SWP, dominated by the thick skulled