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CU 2013- more confirmed speakers

19 June 2013

Left unity advocate Nick Wrack and (ex) SWP oppositionist Paris Thompson will be among the speakers at this year's Communist University

Iran: new opportunities, new dangers

17 June 2013

Yassamine Mather, chair of HOPI, is interviewed on the aftermath of the recent Iranian elections

SWP: Party Council

05 June 2013

Hillel Ticktin: world economy podcast #3

31 May 2013

‘The failure of the market and its unforeseen consequences'

Lessons of May '68: podcast

31 May 2013

CU 2013 - update #2

24 May 2013

Thick skins v thick skulls

21 May 2013

The Fault Lines is a blog founded by a group of oppositionists inside the SWP. They will need thick skins given the current atmosphere in the SWP, dominated by the thick skulled

Teaching Callinicos a lesson

21 May 2013

Mike Gonzalez’s ‘Who will teach the teachers?’ is a polemical reply to SWP guru Alex Callinicos’s infamous ‘Is Leninism finished?’

Once upon a time we had a programme

21 May 2013

Ian Birchall has written an important piece revealing that the old IS did in fact recognise the crucial need for programme, if only briefly...

SWP opposition: Signs of life

20 May 2013

Here we collect recent important documents that have come out of the remaining SWP opposition