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Left Unity: Draft Constitution

27 September 2013

The latest version of the draft constitution, arising from the work of the policy group on the subject, is now available

SWP: Faction formed

27 September 2013

The 'Rebuilding the Party Faction', a faction opposed to the existing regime in the SWP has been formed and released the following statement

Safe Spaces

27 September 2013

Here we present the text of the proposed 'Safe space' policies for the Left Unity project and Paul Demarty's critique of it

SWP September Internal Bulletin

24 September 2013

The first of three bulletins in the run-up to the annual conference of the Socialist Workers' Party

Socialist Platform: CPGB amendments

30 August 2013

The full version of the Socialist Platform plus the proposed CPGB amendments...

Rowhani inauguration and Iran's prospects

03 August 2013

Summer Offensive: support now!

02 August 2013

As we approach Communist University 2013 it is more important than ever to raise the funds we need

CU 2013: Timetable

25 July 2013

The full timetable of speakers and sessions for Communist Univeristy 2013 has more or less been finalised

eBay auction for Hands Off the People of Iran

11 July 2013

Who knew solidarity could be so fashionable? Support the work of HOPI and get some new togs & tunes at the same time!

SWP crisis: CC lashes out

10 July 2013

After being forced to re-admit four comrades into the organisation, the Central Committee now seem intent on tearing up what remains of the SWP