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MECW: Petition Lawrence and Wishart

01 May 2014

The actions of 'radical' publishers Lawrence & Wishart to remove volumes of Marx and Engels Collected Works' from the Marxists Internet Archive have generated outrage

Regroupment conference Bulletins 2 & 3

25 April 2014

Five groups involved in Left Unity are holding a 'Regroupment conference' tomorrow- the final discussion bulletins are now available here

Communist Platform candidates for LU National Committee

22 April 2014

Read the election statements of the ComPlat's candidates for regional seats on the NC here

Hillsborough: class war and corruption

19 April 2014

Regroupment conference April 26 Bulletin No 1

17 April 2014

Five of the groups involved in Left Unity are also engaged in their own unity talks - we publish here the first discussion bulletin in the lead-up to their 'regroupment conference'

Open borders: controversial on the left

12 April 2014

Here we collect a series of recent letters and articles from the Weekly Worker that have centred around the ongoing controversy in the letters page

Communist Platform: Election Statements

09 March 2014

The Communist Platform is standing a slate of 14 candidates in the elections to the leadership of Left Unity.

Communist Platform online

07 March 2014

Along with others the CPGB has launched the Communist Platform in Left Unity

New: Half-Marathon for Workers Fund Iran

07 March 2014

Sarah McDonald is running a half-marathon to raise money for Workers Fund Iran

Platform and motions agreed by CP national meeting

04 February 2014

The platform, motions, and amendments as agreed by the CP national meeting are now online at the Complat website