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Report of SWP's Disputes Committee and conference debate

09 January 2013

An unofficial transcript of the SWP's conference discussion on the report of the Disputes Committee, which led to the most hotly contested vote of the weekend

SWP crisis: Central Committee splits

06 January 2013

Four members of the SWP central committee have proposed a rival leadership slate to the group's conference

SWP Central Committee counterattack

03 January 2013

In response to criticism and the forming of factions by SWP members, the central committee has produced an urgent pre-conference statement

Another faction forms in the SWP

01 January 2013

Read the founding statement of the 'Democratic Centralism' faction here.

Socialist Workers Party faction declared

29 December 2012

Around 100 comrades have signed the founding document of the Democratic Opposition, a temporary faction within the Socialist Workers Party.

SWP Pre-conference Bulletins 2012

13 December 2012

Iran Tribunal: ‘Impossible to continue support’

28 September 2012

Norman Paech, a prominent member of the German left party, Die Linke, has joined others in withdrawing his support for the Iran Tribunal after approaches from supporters of Hands Off the People of Iran, reports Tina Becker. This is an edited version of an article recently published on the website of the German magazine Hintergrund<sup><a href="#1">1</a></sup>