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Communist University 2016

Videos from our annual school (August 6-13) are now online

Check out the link to our Youtube channel here. We will publish all videos in the next few weeks.

Communist University is different - we encourage open, critical and robust debate. You won’t hear pre-prepared sycophantic interventions from the floor, instead there are often sharp clashes of opinion. At the same time, the collective aspect of CU is very important to us: everybody helps out with preparing food and organising the event. And in the evenings, we chill out together, often carrying on discussing some of the things we learned during the day. It is, without a doubt, the highlight of our political year. Be part of it!

Norman Finkelstein was presenting three sessions this year, for example on "The holocaust industry". Other confirmed speakers include Hillel Ticktin, Michael Roberts, Yassamine Mather, Chris Knight, Ian Birchall, Bob Arnott, Moshé Machover, Marc Mulholland, Mike Macnair and Jack Conrad.

To see what CU is all about, check out this video we produced a couple of years back. Videos from previous years are also available online.

We're in a new venue this year: Westminster University, Harrow House, Watford Road, Northwick Park, Middlesex HA1 3TP. The venue is two minutes’ walk from Northwick Park tube station on the Metropolitan line, a few minutes’ walk from Kenton on the Bakerloo line and overground trains from Euston.

DIRECTIONS: Turn left in the tube station, then turn right, go through the gates and follow signs to THE FORUM. We're in Room A1-11, right at the end of the forum, on the first floor. See you there!

Residential places: We are now fully booked. Let us know urgently if you require accommodation and we will see if we can book some additional rooms.

Day visitors: Please let us know you are coming, so we can put your name down at university security, which will speed things up for everybody - please email Please note that all guests need to bring some form of ID.


Subject to change. Latest update August 2. Right-click on the picture to download the file.

Saturday August 6

2.00pm: Corbyn and the Labour party
Jack Conrad

4.45pm: Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism
Moshe Machover + Tony Greenstein

Sunday August 7

10.00am: The history of the Labour Party and the CPGB
Lawrence Parker

2.00pm: Alfred Rosmer's Lenin's Moscow and the early Comintern
Ian Birchall

4.45pm: Brexit and the nature of international trade under capitalism
Michael Roberts

Monday August 8

10.00am: Origins of democratic centralism
Ben Lewis

2.00pm: Decoding Chomsky: Science and revolutionary politics
Chris Knight, Radical Anthropology Group

4.45pm: The new Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust Industry
Norman Finkelstein

Tuesday August 9

10.00am: The future of Palestine
Norman Finkelstein

2.00pm : J.S. Mill's On Liberty
Norman Finkelstein

4.45pm: The past, present and future of the NHS
Bob Arnott

Wednesday August 10

10.00am: World economy after Brexit
Hillel Ticktin

2.00pm: The Chilcot report, Iraq and Syria
Yassamine Mather

4.45pm: After the Brexit vote
Mike Macnair

Thursday August 11

10.00am: The current transitional period, decline and the laws of both
Hillel Ticktin

2.00pm: Revolution and counter-revolution in Ireland
Kevin Bean

4.45pm: The English Marx: A.D. Lindsay's lost interpretation of Capital
Marc Mullholland

Friday August 12

10.00am: Media old and new
Paul Demarty

2.00pm: The British Labour Party and the Russian Soviets
Chris Knight, Radical Anthropology Group

4.45pm : Class power and individual liberty
Mike Macnair

Saturday August 13

10.00am: Aeroplanes, space systems and the arms industry
Yassamine Mather

1.30 : The fate of 1917
Jack Conrad

4.00 pm: Assessment