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Their Europe - and ours

The June 23 referendum on Britain's membership in the EU is a contest between reactionary forces

For a workers' Europe

Of course, the facture line also divide the workers’ movement, as Paul Demarty argues in this recent article in the Weekly Worker – it is in no position to offer a clear and principled alternative. The sad truth is that it too is mired in confusion, petty nationalism and left populism.

So we have the modest aim in publishing this material from the Weekly Worker and beyond to provide comrades with some background reading to inform the vital discussions on the politics of the coming period.


* In his book Remaking Europe, Jack Conrad argues that the working class can and must establish a ‘third’, fully articulated, camp with a view to winning our own, social, Europe. A Europe stamped by the working class, which is ready for its domination and rapid emancipatory extension.

* In the aftermath of major gains for Euro-sceptic parties in the May 2014 elections, Yassamine Mather wrote that “we must have the courage to think of a different Europe - one where a united working class develops a programme for working class rule. Anything else is a road to disaster.”

* Mike Macnair calls for European-wide action by the workers’ movement.

* Is the bourgeoisie capable of uniting Europe on a secure basis?

* Peter Mandelson’s 2004 nomination as Britain's EU commissioner shed light on the undemocratic nature of the EU. In this contribution, Jack Conrad examines how communists should challenge this institution - to build a truly democratic Europe from below.

* Jack Conrad advances “a positive programme” for “a social Europe, within which the political power and economic interests of the broad masses - albeit initially under capitalism - are qualitatively advanced.”