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London Communist Forum - COVID-19 update

Our weekly London meeting is moving online

Along with just about every other public meeting, our weekly forum at the Calthorpe Arms in central London, organised by the CPGB and Labour Party Marxists, has had to be cancelled. However, the good news is that

we will continue meeting on Skype for as long as the pandemic crisis lasts.

Every Sunday, 5pm, from March 22, until further notice. If you wish to take part, please email your Skype name to Stan Keable at On receiving confirmation from him, please add his Skype name, ‘stan.keable’, to your list of contacts.

Sunday March 22, 5pm: Weekly political report from CPGB Provisional Central Committee, followed by open discussion and reading group: study of Abram Leon’s The Jewish question - a Marxist interpretation. This meeting: chapter 4, ‘After the Renaissance’, section A: ‘The thesis of Sombart’.

Organised by CPGB: and Labour Party Marxists: