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Remaking Europe (2004)

Jack Conrad

European unity is one of the biggest, most complex and bitterly contested political issues of the day - there are no easy 'yes' or 'no' answers. Europe is an enigma. We are told it is a nascent military threat and a guarantor against war; a wide field of struggle and a remote bureaucratic machine; a black hole of patronage, subsidy and corruption and a global haven of stability, The 25 heads of government propose enshrining the virtues of neo-liberal capitalism, the EU's quasi-democratic institutions and reformist palliatives. We need our own inspiring, and thoroughly practical, alternative. In this book, Jack Conrad argues that the working class can and must establish a 'third', fully articulated, camp with a view to winning our own, social, Europe. A Europe stamped by the working class, which is ready for its domination and rapid emancipatory extension.

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