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Open the borders!

03 February 2016

There have never been as many displaced people - and it's all down to capitalism's destructiveness

Faith and communists

31 January 2016

How should religious comrades approach membership of Marxist organisations, and vice versa?

Motion on the Labour Party

02 October 2015

The Communist Platform will be presenting the motion below at Left Unity conference November 2015

October 4: Demonstrate at Tory conference

02 September 2015

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Make a donation to the CPGB

01 September 2015

Help us in our fight to build a radical alternative!

Communist University 2015

02 August 2015

Which way forward for the left? The Communist Party's summer school takes place August 15-22

Corbyn: model motion for Left Unity branches

19 June 2015

The Labour leadership contest is crucial for the whole left.

SWP conference: Internal Bulletin no.1

09 October 2014

Carrying on regardless

Videos from CU2014 online

07 October 2014

Several talks from this year's Communist University are now online- more to follow

Photos from CU2014

26 August 2014

Here are some of the best photos from this year's Communist University