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SWP pre-conference bulletins for 2016

Few signs of rebellion in evidence ...

Not much rethinking in evidence

Reproduced here are the three pre-conference bulletins circulated among the Socialist Workers Party membership in the run-up to last month's conference.

The SWP notoriously only permits organisation-wide general political discussion in these three bulletins, over the course of the three months in which they are published. Not, it must be admitted, that there is often much in the way of political controversy in the pages of the bulletins - a culture of top-down military heirarchy and yea-saying has the usual effects. This year's bulletins are no exception - in among vast swathes of material from the Central Committee, banal items on the practicalities of branch building, etc, there are a handful of cryptic suggestions that the SWP's increasingly all-encompassing obsession with anti-racism is crowding out its more traditional economistic syndicalism; and that's about it for dissent.

Nevertheless, we circulate these documents openly in the interest of promoting political transparency on the left.