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Vote for George Galloway and Labour

PCC statement on the May 5 elections

The Provisional Central Committee, Communist Party of Great Britain, meeting on May 1, agreed to call for a vote in the London mayoral election on Thursday for George Galloway first preference and Sadiq Khan second preference.


We call for a first preference vote for George Galloway in spite of his notorious alliances with the Iranian regime, with Baathists and other oppressors in the middle east, and of the political differences for which we have repeatedly criticised him.


We do so because the witch-hunt around allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’ currently being conducted by the Labour right and the mass media is an attempt to smear any opposition to US policy in the middle east as racist, and is part of a class struggle conducted by the capitalist class to recover full control of the Labour Party by its paid agents. Sadiq Khan has come on-side for capital in this witch-hunt; Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have collapsed in the face of it. In contrast, George Galloway has responded robustly and broadly correctly to it. In this context a first preference vote for Galloway is a useful, if limited, protest vote against the witch-hunt.


Aside from this, we recommend a Labour vote across the board for the reasons outlined in this article.