Monday February 11 2013
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Feature: SWP in crisis

An unprecedented open revolt against the central committee has turned into a battle for the soul of the Socialist Workers' Party. Our articles and podcasts about the crisis, and SWP internal documents can be found here.

Stay in and fight

Pre-conference bulletins, and analysis by Peter Manson in the Weekly Worker

SWP: Annual show of ‘democracy’

This years first Internal Bulletin is a CC dominated token effort at democratic debate. Will this change, wonders Peter Manson?

-- Pre-conference bulletin no.1 (PDF)

SWP conference: An anatomical investigation

A minority of SWP comrades are taking advantage of their right to put their views before the membership once a year. Peter Manson reviews the latest Pre-conference Bulletin

-- Pre-conference bulletin no.2 (PDF)

SWP conference: Crazy contortions of SWP central committee

Following criticisms of the SWP’s culture and practice in the first two Internal Bulletins, the leadership has mobilised to rubbish opponents. Peter Manson reports

-- Pre-conference bulletin no.3 (PDF)

SWP: Expelled before conference begins

Once more the SWP central committee has acted to silence critics and cut off debate, reports Peter Manson

Factions at conference and disputes committee

Socialist Workers Party faction declared

Around 100 comrades have signed the founding document of the Democratic Opposition, a temporary faction within the Socialist Workers Party.

Another faction forms in the SWP

Read the founding statement of the 'Democratic Centralism' faction here.

SWP Central Committee counterattack

In response to criticism and the forming of factions by SWP members, the central committee has produced an urgent pre-conference statement

SWP crisis: Central Committee splits

Four members of the SWP central committee have proposed a rival leadership slate to the group's conference

Report of SWP's Disputes Committee and conference debate

An unofficial transcript of the SWP's conference discussion on the report of the Disputes Committee, which led to the most hotly contested vote of the weekend

Post-conference factions and CC response

New faction launched in the SWP

Over 60 members have signed a statement calling on the Central Committee to address the party's ongoing crisis.

Statement of the 'Democratic Renewal Platform'

Another group of 60+ comrades in the Socialist Workers' Party have signed up to the opposition faction.

A revolutionary situation develops in the SWP

Bowing to pressure, the CC has acceded to calls for a special conference; but claims it will only be 'to reaffirm the decisions of January’s conference and the NC'.

SWP: how about a real conference?

The Democratic Renewal Platform in the SWP has responded to the central committee's mealy-mouthed surrender to calls for a special conference

IDOOP faction caucus agenda and documents

The In Defence Of Our Party Faction are holding a caucus in the run-up to a special conference of the SWP. In other news, the expulsion of the 'Facebook Four' has been upheld

Callinicos threatens "lynch mobs"

The CPGB has been sent a copy of an explosive account of a recent ISJ meeting

In defence of Our Party: timidity in the face of provocations

We publish a report of the caucus of the SWP's opposition faction, and the disappointingly soft approach they look to be taking in the struggles to come

IDOP's conference proposals

Copies of the motions which IDOP will attempt to put to the upcoming Special Conference have been made available.

CC's dirty tricks exposed

The latest update from IDOOP exposes dirty tricks by the CC and its supporters, but will IDOOP continue being so soft in the face of this?

Destroy the students?

The IDOOP report below indicates that a motion calling for a complete break by the SWP with its student members has been circulating

SWP Special Conference Internal Bulletin

Find it here

Post-conference reporting in the Weekly Worker

Issue 944 - January 10

SWP conference: Comrades in the SWP, rebel!

The central committee was delivered a body blow at this weekend’s conference - but for dissidents the fight must go on, argues Paul Demarty

SWP's Tom Walker: Why I am resigning

Tom Walker, (now former) Socialist Worker journalist, argues that the time has come to leave the SWP

Issue 945 - January 17

SWP and women: Countless zigs and zags over women’s oppression

The central committee claims that the SWP has a consistent record of fighting for women’s liberation. Former national committee member Dave Isaacson sheds light on the not so excellent truth

SWP crisis: Opposition emboldened as demand for recall grows

The leadership can no longer lead - but a positive outcome to the crisis requires more than the removal of the entire CC, argues Paul Demarty

SWP: Another week, another resignation

Jon Hosier explains why he has chosen to resign from the SWP

Issue 946 - January 24

SWP opposition: Seymour in Greece

He may have been propelled to the vanguard of the SWP opposition - but it is not immediately clear what Richard Seymour’s politics actually are. Paul Demarty looks for clues

Issue 947 - January 31

SWP crisis: Professor Callinicos and the dark side

Finally a member of the SWP central committee attempts to defend its conduct. Paul Demarty wishes he hadn’t bothered

SWP: Apparatus gears up for war

This weekend’s national committee meeting looks set to trigger a showdown, writes Peter Manson

CPGB aggregate: Seeking a positive outcome

Michael Copestake reports on the January 26 meeting of CPGB members, where the SWP crisis dominated the agenda

Issue 948 - February 7

SWP crisis: Green light for expulsions

The opposition is about to be given a new lease of life, writes Peter Manson

Issue 949 - February 14

SWP crisis: Twilight of the idols

The opposition is about to be given a new lease of life, writes Peter Manson

In-depth articles

Tony Cliff: a critical obituary

This substantial political obituary of Cliff by Jack Conrad appeared in the Weekly Worker over the month following his death, and we publish it again to help dispel some of the myths SWPers are told about the politics of our organisation and their own.

Supplement: The antinomies of Georg Lukács

Though his key texts languished in obscurity for half a century, Georg Lukács re-emerged in the late 20th century with a reputation as one of the great Marxist thinkers. Leading members of the Socialist Workers Party eagerly declared themselves amongst his disciples. However, James Turley argues that his work constitutes an obstacle to revolutionary politics

Supplement: Origins of the crisis in the SWP - part one

The Soviet Union question, by Jack Conrad

Supplement: Origins of the crisis in the SWP - part two

Third-period Blairism and the necessity of demystifying Bolshevism. Jack Conrad continues his analysis of Cliff and the SWP's politics

Programme and the programmeless

Why do communists place such importance on their programmes and why does the SWP central committee expel oppositionists who advocate developing one? Jack Conrad begins a short series of articles

Transitional regression ends in a hunch

Is the so-called transitional method the road to revolution? Jack Conrad argues against the economism of the Socialist Workers Party



SWP conference special report

A special podcast on the Socialist Workers Party's internal crisis and annual conference.

SWP crisis deepens

A special podcast on the deepening Socialist Workers Party crisis.

SWP rebellion gains momentum

A special podcast on the deepening Socialist Workers Party crisis.

SWP rebellion and feminism

Continuing our series on the SWP rebellion, Jack Conrad discusses the latest developments and the question of feminism and women's liberation.

SWP leadership prepares purge

Continuing our coverage of the SWP crisis, we look at the possibility of a purge of the opposition following this weekend's National Committee meeting.

SWP leadership losing control

We consider the latest developments in the SWP crisis, including the formation of yet another faction and the calling of a special conference.

SWP, factions and party

As the In Defense of Our Party meets to decide its tactics, Jack Conrad looks at the difficulties they face within the party - and the liquidationist temptations from without.

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