Tuesday February 26 2013
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CC dirty tricks, latest IDOOP

The latest update from IDOOP exposes dirty tricks by the CC and its supporters, but will IDOOP continue being so soft in the face of this?

United against the CC, but is IDOOP hardheaded enough?


IDOOP report

Latest IDOOP documents


IDOOP report

The update includes:

1.     Reports

2.     Tips on organising for your aggregate

3.     Faction meetings

We will be circulating further information soon, including responding to the increasing attacks on SWP students.

We are sometimes winning votes, but we are increasingly winning arguments.  Both are important.  Winning arguments puts us in a good position to strengthen the SWP in the medium term - as long as we can hold people in the party.


1. Reports

Only the first few aggregates have taken place, and there is still everything to fight for.  While it is likely that the CC will win most or all votes at the special conference, given the nature of the operation by CC supporters, the hard work of faction members is already making a difference.

In Bristol, where the faction isn't strong, the delegation elected included 2 IDOOP members and a number of undecided delegates.  In Cambridge IDOOP won 5 of the 10 delegate places.  In Essex, IDOOP won 9 of the 14 delegates.

But where the CC supporters are strong enough, or where faction members have failed to ring-round all the registered members (including those who are inactive or don't pay subs), CC supporters are trying to prevent IDOOP or the middle ground having any representation at conference.  In Glasgow the CC supporters took all 28 delegates.  In Hackney CC supporters voted off all IDOOP members, including comrades with detailed knowledge of Disputes Committee procedures.  In the Home Counties and Leicester CC supporters prevented any IDOOP members being elected - even using inactive and non-subs-paying members to block key party activists from going to conference.

It is crucial that faction members ring round every registered member in the district before the aggregate.  If comrades turn up at the aggregate having heard only slurs and fabrications about IDOOP and not having talked to us, we are likely to lose the votes.

At yesterday's faction meeting in Manchester, CC supporters declined to debate IDOOP with equal time for each side.  It seems they don't have the confidence to argue their case politically without the advantage of 45 minutes for one side against 6 for the other.  3 more comrades joined the faction at the meeting.  As at the national faction caucus, comrades on arriving found that the room booking had mysteriously vanished.  The room for tonight's Leeds faction meeting had also been cancelled by someone else.  Faction members making bookings for faction meetings should be clear with the venue that only named comrades can cancel or change the booking and ideally pay in advance.


2. Tips on organising for your aggregate:

It is vital that faction members in each district speak to every registered member and discuss (as appropriate):

a)     Their views on the debate in the party

b)    Are they going to the aggregate?

c)     Will they vote for some/all faction members to be delegates to conference?

d)    Are they standing for election as conference delegates?

e)     Will they join the faction?

The best way to organise this work is to make a spreadsheet listing each comrade, marking off who is in the faction, who has signed the CC statement, and keeping track of who is talking to each comrade and what the results were.

Ensure that as many faction supporters and people who are undecided go to the aggregate.

A clear understanding, in advance, of who is going to be at the aggregate and where each person stands is vital.  You can then estimate how many votes faction members are likely to get and use that to determine how many candidates it is best to stand.  There is no point standing lots of candidates in an area where we aren’t strong and getting none elected.  If you want to discuss how to work out how many candidates to stand etc, please ring Dan on xxxxxxxxx or Rob on xxxxxxxxxxx.

When standing for election, it is a good idea to include the fact that you are an IDOOP member in your election statement, along with the roles you play in the party and the movement.  At many aggregates there will be comrades you have never met, so this can make a difference.

It's a good idea to organise a caucus before the aggregate.  The main faction speaker should focus on a positive explanation of what we stand for.  Faction members in the district should plan to divide up the key issues that need addressing between them.  Where comrades have spent a minute debunking a myth about our faction then two minutes making a positive key point this has worked well.

Comrades report being told that the faction committee has agreed faction speaking rights with the CC.  This is untrue.  The CC has decided that it will have up to 45 minutes to speak at aggregates, granting itself a lengthy introduction, an extended contribution from a second CC speaker, and a right of reply. Faction speakers have been granted just 6 minutes with no right of reply.  Comrades in the aggregate should propose votes are taken on two changes – firstly to give the faction speaker the right of reply, and secondly to give a longer introduction.  Many comrades who are undecided will want to hear the arguments.

Finally, the elected faction committee is trying to keep an overview of our work and can only do this if comrades in each district keep us informed.  Please send updates to Sam on xxxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxxxTurn on JavaScript!.  These should include the number of delegates from your district, how many candidates you are standing for conference, how many you expect to win (high & low estimates), where you might get motions through and the outcome of meetings.


3. Faction meetings

Successful open faction meetings have already been held in Liverpool and Manchester.  Further meetings (followed by faction caucuses) are planned.

Tuesday 26 February, 6:30pm, Leeds Metropolitan University, Broadcasting Place, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2

· Tuesday 26 February, 7pm, The Hubs (Hallam University Students Union), Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX

There will also be a national faction caucus and meeting on Saturday 9th March, the eve of special conference (details to be confirmed).  All faction members are encouraged to attend, whether you are a delegate to conference or not.  As well as preparing for conference, the caucus will discuss how we can hold comrades in the party afterwards and continue to fight for a stronger SWP after the faction dissolves at the end of conference.

Please do your best to attend and encourage others to come.  The open meetings have proved effective for clarifying issues amongst faction members, recruiting new faction members, influencing comrades who are undecided and for dispelling some of the misconceptions held by CC supporters.


Latest IDOOP documents

IDOOP Caucus documents.doc

Motions to conference.doc

In Defence of Our Party.pdf

Faction membership.pdf

The 2009 'Democracy Commission' report.pdf

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