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Cameron decides to do god

April 24 2014

Regardless of whether Britain is a ‘Christian country’ or not, says Eddie Ford, communists fight for the separation of church and state

Solidarity with women of Iran

March 06 2014

Yassamine Mather salutes those struggling against oppression

Stirring stagnant Saudi waters

October 31 2013

When is it OK to oppress women? When the oppressor is a key ally and trade partner, answers Eddie Ford

Religion: Painfully detailed origins

September 26 2013

David Douglass reviews: John Pickard, 'Behind the myths: the foundations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam', AuthorHouseUK, 2013, pp492, £17.99

God of the gaps

August 01 2013

Justin Welby is a hypocrite, but his credit union plans are a symptom of the decline of the workers’ movement, argues Paul Demarty

Vatican: Rotten to the core

July 04 2013

The money-laundering scandal has confirmed that Vatican corruption cannot be put down to isolated individuals, writes Toby Abse

Ireland: No ifs, no buts … a woman’s right to choose

June 13 2013

Controversy over abortion continues to reverberate throughout Irish society, writes Anne McShane

Rome, empire and christianity: Politics of poverty and purity

March 28 2013

Mike Macnair reviews: Peter Brown, 'Through the eye of a needle: wealth, the fall of Rome and the making of Christianity in the west, 350-550 AD'. Princeton 2012, pp758, £27.95

Pope Francis: Silence equals complicity

March 21 2013

Far from being a new broom or ‘reformer’, writes Eddie Ford, the new pope is a reactionary to his marrow

Vatican elections: Keeping up with modern world

February 21 2013

Whoever gets the top job in the Vatican, Eddie Ford strongly suspects that he will not be in any way progressive

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