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NUS: Left in the basement

April 17 2014

Communist Students were stirring things up at this year's conference of the National Union of Students

Faith and communists

April 12 2014

How should religious comrades approach membership of Marxist organisations, and vice versa?

For working class education

April 10 2014

Freedom is just another word for increased statisation, writes Christina Black

Gay marriage: The road from the margins

April 04 2014

The legalisation of gay marriage is a victory for sexual freedom - but, in this society, a fragile one, argues Paul Demarty

Review: Class difference and sexual passion

April 04 2014

Abdellatif Kechiche (director); 'Blue is the warmest colour'

Fighting for Marxism

April 04 2014

Communist Students member Robert Eagleton outlines the platform he is standing on for the National Union of Students ‘block of 15’

Border controls: Reactionary by nature

April 04 2014

The issue of open borders has provoked some controversy in the WW letters page. This motion from the Stuttgart Congress of 1907 is part of the proud history of our movement on this question

The internet in the epoch of decline

March 27 2014

Extravagant revolutionary claims are made for new digital media and the technological avant-garde. The truth, argues Paul Demarty, is more complicated

Pete Seeger: The art of folksong

March 06 2014

Pete Seeger, May 3 1919 - January 27 2014

Solidarity with women of Iran

March 06 2014

Yassamine Mather salutes those struggling against oppression

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