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Workers Power

Anti-Capitalist Initiative:Up the Swanny

December 06 2012

The Anti-Capitalist Initiative hosted two events over the weekend of December 1-2. Mark Fischer was not impressed

USSR Review: Sticking with old dogmas that have failed time and again

November 29 2012

Paul Flewers reviews: Workers Power, 'The degenerated revolution: the rise and fall of the Stalinist states', Prinkipo, 2012, pp584, £13.90

The passing of a liquidationist scheme

August 02 2012

The Anti-Capitalist Initiative is not long for this world. Peter Manson reports on the departure of its largest component

Workers Power split

July 05 2006

As many readers will be aware, Workers Power and its 'oil slick international', the League for the Fifth International, has just expelled one-third of its members. Mark Fischer draws up a balance sheet


April 11 2001

Bright young things

Workers Power and the SA

March 21 2001

Welcome shift

AK47s and calculators

March 21 2001

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