US left

Hot autumn in New York

October 20 2011

Jim Creegan reports on the occupiers who aim to take on Wall Street and examines the implications for left politics

Divided by a common language?

June 30 2011

The Frankfurt school methodology employed by Platypus is worse than useless, argues Mike Macnair

The philosophy of history

June 09 2011

Chris Cutrone responds to Mike Macnair

The study of history and the left's decline

June 02 2011

Dealing with the present demands not useful myths, writes Mike Macnair, but a real understanding of the past

Theoretical dead end

May 19 2011

The US Platypus group is in the borderlands of two types of left, argues Mike Macnair in the second of two articles

No need for party?

May 12 2011

The US Platypus grouping does not have a political line because there is 'no possibility of revolutionary action'. Mike Macnair reports on its convention

Middle East comes to Midwest USA

March 03 2011

Jim Creegan reports on the class struggles in Wisconsin

Tea Party tempest

March 18 2010

Jim Creegan examines the social roots and ideological drives behind the anti-Obama populist movement that has exploded on to the political scene in the last year

Arnie's total recall

October 16 2003

Jem Jones comments on Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming the new Republican governor of California

Notes on regroupment

May 31 2001

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