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Socialist Workers Party

SWP dithers on Scottish independence

November 02 2000

Allan Green, national secretary of the Scottish Socialist Party, attended the October 22 aggregate of the Socialist Workers Party. Here, in his official report, he shows how far the SWP is prepared to compromise its principles for the sake of getting into the SSP

SWP: London model 'a mistake'

September 07 2000

Neither London nor Coventry, but Greater Manchester. This might have been the motto of the annual general meeting, on September 2, of the Greater Manchester Socialist Alliance. A new structure, for the period leading up to the next parliamentary general election, was adopted by the 70-strong gathering. This consists of a steering committee comprising five officers and five other members, wholly elected by the AGM, which reports to and is accountable to monthly general membership meetings of the regional GMSA. There are, as yet, no locally based SAs within the Greater Manchester region.

LSA: different approaches aired

September 07 2000

Tied vote: CPGB's indirect and inclusive democracy; SWP's direct elections

Analysis needed

June 15 2000

A member of the Socialist Workers Party, writing on the International Socialist tendency opposition internet list, bemoans the absence of democratic discussion

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