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Socialist Workers Party

We are better than them!

December 15 2005

Peter Manson reports from last Saturday's 'international peace confernce' in London, which was more of a rally - and gave no answers as to what the anti-war movement should be doing next

Stalinist atmosphere reigns

December 08 2005

Our republication of a mildly critical piece from the Socialist Workers Party's Pre-conference bulletin seems to have caused a furious row inside the SWP - at least judging by the reaction of its author, Dave Crouch. Peter Manson reports

Up to the top of the hill

December 08 2005

The Socialist Worker Party generals have failed the anti-war movement, says Eddie Ford, who looks forward to the December 10 Peace Conference in London

A dead parrot - not quite

November 24 2005

Non-aligned Respect member Sean Thompson expresses his fear that the project is being killed by SWP control-freakery

Bizarre, upside-down politics

November 24 2005

Peter Tatchell responds to the implied SWP charge of racism and islamophobia against him and Outrage

Rightist liquidation threatens

November 24 2005

Ian Mahoney reviews the SWP's Pre-conference bulletin

Socialist Worker: is it doing its job?

November 24 2005

Dave Crouch expresses disquiet over the relaunched SWP paper

Decision time for SWP

November 17 2005

The Socialist Workers Party is still refusing to take responsibility for two of their members who voted for the scandalous pension deal in the PCSU: Martin John has resigned from the party and no action has been taken against Sue Bond. Lee Rock, national secretary of the PCSU Socialist Caucus, reports

Which way forward?

March 17 2005

Bureaucratic fist tightens

February 05 2004

Tina Becker reports that the ESF is in great danger of being totally taken over by Ken Livingstone - with the full support of his little helpers in the Socialist Workers Party

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