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Socialist Workers Party

SWP confusion

May 10 2001

Looking ahead

SSP-SWP unity

April 12 2001

May 1 target

Scotland: SWP-SSP unity

March 29 2001

Negotiations continue SWP statement

SWP and Socialist Alliance

March 15 2001

Auto-Labourism lives on

SSP-SWP talks

March 15 2001

Moving closer

SWP changes

February 22 2001

SSP conference 2001

February 15 2001

SWP unity bid falters

SWP and Lukács

January 18 2001

Significant engagement Georg Lukács A defence of 'History and class consciousness': tailism and the dialectic Verso, 2000, pp182, £16

SWP conference

November 30 2000

Missing ingredients A Socialist Workers Party member reflects on this year's gathering

Which way for SWP?

November 30 2000

The Socialist Workers Party published only two pre-conference bulletins this year, containing just 21 contributions from rank and file members. We reproduce two of these, featuring that rarity for the SWP - members engaged in polemic with one another Once more on programme

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