Socialist Resistance

Swamp things get together

November 07 2013

Daniel Harvey examines the politics underlying recent regroupment efforts

IS Network: Battling with a rotten legacy

October 24 2013

Daniel Harvey looks at developments in the political regroupment project centred on the International Socialist Network following its weekend conference

Safe Spaces

September 27 2013

Here we present the text of the proposed 'Safe space' policies for the Left Unity project and Paul Demarty's critique of it

Left Unity: Draft Constitution

September 27 2013

The latest version of the draft constitution, arising from the work of the policy group on the subject, is now available

Safe spaces: Conway-Hudson school of censorship

September 26 2013

Paul Demarty defends the idea of free speech on the left

Gilbert Achcar: Enough ‘humanitarian’ exceptions

September 05 2013

Imperialist military intervention is always designed to advance imperialist interests. Yassamine Mather responds to the excuses of Gilbert Achcar

Progressive sentiments amidst reactionary illusions

July 25 2013

Gilbert Achcar has strongly objected to being described as a ‘social-imperialist’ in the Weekly Worker. So what is the truth about him? Yassamine Mather investigates

Broad parties: Theories of deception

June 20 2013

The extent to which we practise transparency and democracy determines whether we can be taken seriously, argues Mike Macnair

Unison and the politics of class

December 09 2010

Why does a leading member of Socialist Resistance give her backing to a free-market attack on the disabled and elderly? Tony Greenstein reports on Unison's support for the 'personalisation' of care

Dither Thornett?

November 23 2006

Divisions are opening up in the ranks of the International Socialist Group/Socialist Resistance over its relationship with Respect, says Cameron Richards

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