Socialist Party in England and Wales

Socialism 2012: Labour: for a ‘civil war’

November 08 2012

Is TUSC the new Labour Party? Mark Fischer reports from a Socialism 2012 session on Labour

Socialist Party: Joining the nationalist bandwagon

November 08 2012

Sarah McDonald reports on SPEW's commitment to socialism in one country

Socialist Party: Unity of the left can wait

November 08 2012

No it cannot, says Peter Manson

Socialist Party: A friendly, successful but programmatically adrift event

November 08 2012

Mark Fischer gives his impression of Socialism 2012

Giving up on Unison

August 04 2011

Members of the Socialist Party in England and Wales employed by two local councils in London have resigned from Britain's largest public sector union. Peter Manson sees a parallel in SPEW's abandonment of Labour

Give up on Tusc

May 26 2011

'If there was a serious prospect of shifting Labour towards the left, no serious Marxist could stand aside from this.' Peter Taaffe should live up to his words, says Peter Manson

Non-Labour left election results

May 12 2011

The performance of the non-Labour left on May 5 was, to be frank, dismal, writes Peter Manson

Can the left win over the members?

May 05 2011

National executive candidate Dave Vincent looks forward to the conference of the civil service union

The two souls of socialism

November 11 2010

Trade union politics was the main dish at Socialism 2010, the Socialist Party's annual school. James Turley reports

Poll tax reminiscences

November 11 2010

Maciej Zurowski finds that SPEW just cannot seem to get the actual Labour Party out of its head

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