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Socialist Party in England and Wales

EU elections: Trying to vote internationalist

May 01 2014

Peter Manson outlines how to approach the May 22 EU elections

Taaffe: Superannuated teacher, superannuated politics

February 20 2014

Peter Taaffe’s approach to Bolshevik history reveals the mindset of a man more committed to preserving his sect regime than learning from our movement’s past. Ben Lewis responds to his review of Lars T Lih

Review: Full of militant stories but theoretically flawed

January 16 2014

Geoff Jones, 'Land of whose fathers? A short history of the Welsh working class', Socialist Party Wales/Plaid Sosialaidd Cymru publication, 2013, pp64, £4

Biggest union ready to split historic ANC alliance

January 09 2014

Things in the workers’ movement are very fluid, writes Peter Manson. The South African Communist Party is certainly heading for a profound crisis

Ireland: Crisis for government - and for the left

October 10 2013

Last week’s defeat of the Irish government in the referendum to abolish the upper house was a major blow for the Fine Gael/Labour coalition

TUC conference: Hot air and the lesser evil

September 12 2013

Peter Manson looks at the noises coming from the trade union leaderships

CWI Ireland: Attempt to silence critics

August 08 2013

Anne McShane surveys the response to CWI member Craig Murphy's honest and forthright article on the Socialist Party in Ireland

Socialist Party Ireland: Not for the public domain

July 25 2013

Craig Murphy, a member of the Socialist Party in Ireland, reports on the resignation of four prominent comrades and the dishonest response of the leadership

Labour: Miliband’s media-pleasing funding proposals

July 11 2013

Falkirk shows the pro-capitalist dynamics at work in the Labour Party, writes Eddie Ford. But should the unions be urged to disaffiliate?

Socialist Party/CWI: Rudeness and revolution

July 04 2013

The Committee for a Workers’ International should not insist on micro-managing debates, argues Paul Demarty

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