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Socialist Party in England and Wales

Left unity, not exclusion

March 04 2010

Open letter to the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition from Mark Fischer, CPGB national organiser

TUSC - give critical support despite many political shortcomings

March 04 2010

But continue to fight for partyist unity around a Marxist programme, urges Peter Manson

Accentuate the positive

January 14 2010

At last the establishment of a left unity electoral coalition has been confirmed by the highly secretive 'core group'. But, asks Mike Macnair, is this unity built on sand?

Socialists for Labourism

November 22 2007

With the hostilities in Respect reaching their messy denouement last weekend, it was almost possible to forget the rather less fiery Socialism school of the Socialist Party in England and Wales. James Turley reports

A tiny step forward

October 25 2007

Alan Stevens reports on the London conference of the National Shop Stewards Network

SP's rival to Respect

August 09 2007

Alan Stevens reports on the progress the National Shop Stewards Network is making

Starting to think

July 12 2007

Starting to think

Going nowhere fast

May 17 2007

The Socialist Party's on-off Campaign for a New Workers' Party has next to nothing to show for its first year of existence, writes Mary Godwin

Ten versus ten

May 10 2007

Jack Conrad offers an alternative to the Socialist Party's method and its programme in the run-up to this Saturday's conference of the Campaign for a New Workers' Party

Mixed bag for the left

May 10 2007

Respect did best out of the left organisations standing in the English local elections: it gained two new councillors, though it lost a sitting one. The Socialist Party also lost one of its six councillors. And the weird and wonderful Socialist Labour Party does not appear to know how its own candidates did. Tina Becker reports

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