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Global left

Austerity: His side is winning the class struggle

December 05 2013

Hillel Ticktin examines the balance of forces and the quandary of the ruling class

1895 project

November 28 2013

Robbie Rix, time traveller, on the Marxist left past, present and future

Anthropology: Luxemburg was right

November 21 2013

How do Rosa Luxemburg’s ideas on primitive communism stand up today? This is an edited version of a speech given by Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group to this month’s Historical Materialism conference

The party we need

November 07 2013

Is ‘actually existing Leninism’ the right model? In this edited version of his speech at the CPGB’s Communist University earlier this year, Moshé Machover explains why it is wrong

USSR: Getting the Soviet Union right

November 07 2013

On the 96th anniversary of the October Revolution, Jack Conrad engages with the Russian question

Class versus people’s revolution

October 17 2013

The proletariat has a spontaneously collectivist class-consciousness, argues Marc Mulholland. But what implications does that have for the winning of working class power?

Luxemburg: Rosa and the republic

October 10 2013

Last weekend, Ben Lewis spoke at an international conference in Paris on ‘Rosa Luxemburg’s concepts of democracy and revolution’. This is an expanded version of his paper

Left culture: Politics for dummies

October 03 2013

Paul Demarty asks why so many on the left are afraid of talking politics

Why is the left so afraid of science?

September 19 2013

Our struggle to overcome capitalism requires solid scientific foundations, argues Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group

Programme: Lessons of Erfurt

September 05 2013

Was the Second International based on ‘parties of the whole class’? Mike Macnair looks at the real history of working class organisation

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