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European left

Ukraine: ‘Revolution’ in one square

February 27 2014

Ukraine is in danger of being torn apart by rival nationalisms and descending into civil war, warns Eddie Ford

Italy: New beginning signals further attacks

February 27 2014

Renzi’s administration intends to further erode workers’ rights, writes Toby Abse

Italy: The new Tony Blair

February 20 2014

The premiership of Matteo Renzi will make the previous government look positively progressive, writes Toby Abse

Italy: Back into the centre of politics

February 06 2014

Haggling over the new electoral law has given the former premier some breathing space, writes Toby Abse

Left Unity: Reformulating principles, mapping out demands

February 06 2014

Saturday February 8 will see the launch meeting of Left Unity’s Communist Platform and is open to anyone who is, or wishes to be, a supporter: 12 noon to 5pm, Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, London WC1 (nearest tube: Kings Cross)

Dieudonné’s calculated anti-Semitism

January 30 2014

Free speech is too valuable a weapon to be thrown away. Eddie Ford calls for unequivocal opposition to state bans on racists and fascists

WW I: Necessary and sufficient condition

January 16 2014

We need look no further than imperialism to establish the underlying cause of the carnage. Chris Gray completes his examination of 1914-18

The shame of imperialism

January 09 2014

As shown by Michael Gove’s stupid remarks, the bourgeoisie cannot admit its responsibility for the carnage of 1914-18. In this two-part article Chris Gray examines the origins of the ‘war to end all wars’

Pull the other one

January 09 2014

Michael Gove wants us to believe that 1914 saw the beginning of a just war in defence of liberty. And he is not alone, writes Eddie Ford

Bordiga and the fate of Bordigism

December 19 2013

Though he is largely remembered in the context of Lenin’s polemic against ‘left-wing’ communism, Amadeo Bordiga remains a towering figure of the 20th century workers’ movement. David Broder explores his ideas and political record

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