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People's Assembly: John Rees and the fragile politics of broadness

June 27 2013

Peter Manson reports on the launch of John Rees’s ‘united front against austerity’

Getting things into perspective

April 13 2011

The defeat of Clare Solomon offers us a snapshot of the student movement, argues Ben Lewis

Don't give in to the slurs

January 05 2011

Eddie Ford defends Clare Solomon against the rightwing press and its AWL outriders

Build on the momentum

December 01 2010

The November 27 Coalition of Resistance conference, despite obvious weaknesses, marked a good start in the struggle to stop the government's cuts onslaught. Peter Manson reports

Harness the anger: the anti-cuts movement we need

November 24 2010

James Turley looks ahead to the Coalition of Resistance conference and warns against the lack of democracy and a clear programme

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