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Communist Party of Britain

Flame war reignites

March 16 2006

On the eve of this weekend's anti-war demonstration, another row has blown up between the two wings of the Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain over its stance on the occupation of Iraq, writes Peter Manson

Party and paper split

January 22 2004

Blairism and the delabourisation of Labour threw much of the revolutionary left into crisis, the CPB is only now belatedly following, writes Alan Rees

Deep factional roots

January 15 2004

The special congress of the Mornign Star/CPB will decide whether the organisation will opt for an electoral coalition with other trends on the left, or doggedly remain tied to the auto-Labourism of its British road to socialism programme. Alan Rees takes a look

?Official? complacency comes under fire

June 14 2001

The People?s Press Printing Society, the cooperative which owns the Morning Star, held its 56th annual general meeting in four venues - Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and London - over June 8-11. Stan Keable attended the London session on June 11

Opening up to the left

June 07 2001

The Peoples Press Printing Society, the cooperative which owns the Morning Star, holds its annual general meeting this weekend. Ivan Beavis, circulation manager (and Communist Party of Britain parliamentary candidate for Hackney South and Shoreditch), spoke to Stan Keable about the Morning Star?s prospects

Opening up the Star

May 31 2001

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