Alliance for Workers Liberty

Posing left or defending principle

December 06 2007

David Broder, a member of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, has responded to an article by Tina Becker on the campaign for democracy in the National Union of Students. Ben Lewis continues the debate

Coming home to roost

August 30 2007

The central question of Iraq simply will not go away for the AWL, says Mark Fischer

David Broder 'no-platformed'

August 09 2007

Sean Matgamna? No thanks "¦ Mark Fischer continues the saga of the AWL's refusal to allow a comrade from its minority to speak at Communist University

Bleeding obvious

July 26 2007

What exactly is the AWL frightened of? Mark Fischer wonders

More questions than answers

July 05 2007

The Alliance for Workers' Liberty minority must recognise the pro-imperialist logic of the majority's silence on the occupation of Iraq, argues Mark Fischer

Grubby Paul Hampton

June 28 2007

Mark Fischer replies to the Alliance for Workers' Liberty's Paul Hampton on the question of the withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Compromised 'opposition'

June 14 2007

Mark Fischer comments on the imperial economism of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, which is most crassly expressed in the organisation's refusal to call for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Mountains out of molehills

February 08 2007

Leading the Alliance for Workers Liberty's typically slippery response to our coverage of the Socialist Youth Network launch conference reveals an organisation in crisis and rapidly moving to the right, says James Turley

AWL 'realists' raise their heads above the parapet

January 11 2007

Divisions emerge within the AWL over troop withdrawal

Military coups and soldiers' rights

October 26 2006

We are revolutionaries, not constitutional democrats, says Jim Moody - and takes the Alliance for Workers' Liberty to task

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