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ANC: Fully in control

May 15 2014

Neither right nor left has been able to challenge ANC hegemony, writes Peter Manson

Labour Party: Griffiths ends CPB truce

May 08 2014

Open struggle has erupted between those in the CPB who want to 'reclaim' the Labour Party, and those who want to... start another one. Peter Manson reports.

Left Unity: Arms and our moderate speaker

May 08 2014

Jack Conrad takes issue with Salman Shaheen’s cowardly rejection of the demand for a popular militia

Left unity: Playing happy families

May 01 2014

The protracted regroupment talks between Socialist Resistance, the International Socialist Network and others continue; as does their political confusion, writes Paul Demarty

Left Unity: Political clarity first

April 24 2014

The Communist Platform is standing four candidates in regional elections to the NC; Mark Fischer explains where and why

NUS: Autonomist bankruptcy

April 17 2014

The SWP stall at this year's NUS conference was attacked by 'anarchists'

No2EU: Back into our shells?

April 10 2014

No2EU represents a regressive form of left nationalism, writes Peter Manson

SWP: Sign of the times

April 04 2014

What’s wrong with ‘paraphernalia’, asks Tom Munday

Less haste, more politics

March 27 2014

Mark Fischer reports on the meeting of Left Unity's leadership, where LU's labyrinthine constitution has been wreaking havoc

Communist Platform: Preparing for conference

March 27 2014

Peter Manson reports on the national meeting of Left Unity's Communist Platform

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