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Socialist Labour Party

Left Unity: The spirit of ’45?

May 09 2013

What do we hope will come out of the May 11 Left Unity conference? Following Nick Wrack’s speech at the April 27 London Communist Forum, Jack Conrad replied for the CPGB. This is an edited version of his response

Mixed bag for the left

May 09 2007

Respect did best out of the left organisations standing in the English local elections: it gained two new councillors, though it lost a sitting one. The Socialist Party also lost one of its six councillors. And the weird and wonderful Socialist Labour Party does not appear to know how its own candidates did. Tina Becker reports

Scargillite spin

June 13 2001

SLP statement, Friday June 8

Simon Harvey of the SLP

May 30 2001

Missing candidates

Simon Harvey of the SLP

May 23 2001

Disgraceful sectarianism

SLP leader?s eulogy

May 23 2001

In praise of Stalin


May 16 2001

Scargill launches campaign

Scargill loses debate on unity

May 09 2001

Socialist Alliance on the up

Simon Harvey of the SLP

April 25 2001

Bureaucracy and disarray

Simon Harvey of the SLP

March 21 2001

Defeat failed ideas

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