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Socialist Alliance

We're small but we're back

November 17 2005

Pete McLaren and Steve Freeman report on a meeting to revive the Socialist Alliance. Both are officers in the new formation

Debates from amongst the wreckage

November 10 2005

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group gives his account of the issues involved at this weekend's attempt to launch another Socialist Alliance

Vote for class independence

April 28 2005

Mike Macnair revisits the question of the popular front

Don't break the link

February 05 2004

Marcus Ström calls for increased, not decreased, union affiliation to the Labour Party

Left facing both ways

January 22 2004

The Socialist Alliance council voted overwhelmingly to engage with the RESPECT unity coalition, reports Peter Manson

Socialism, reform and revolution

January 22 2004

Chris Jones of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks at the role of class struggle in shaping the politics of the 21st century

Britain at the crossroads

January 22 2004

The Democracy Platform of the Socialist Alliance has issued an alternative declaration for Respect

Big people and the small state

January 08 2004

Tory leader Michael Howard declares: "I believe the people should be big. That the state should be small." This is a sentiment that authentic Marxists would wholeheartedly concur with, writes Jack Conrad

Keep quiet about the 's' word

January 08 2004

The Socialist Alliance executive has reneged on the decision taken in December to engage with the Respect Unity Coalition on the basis of fighting "for it to adopt a working class and socialist platform". Marcus Ström reports.

No expulsions

January 08 2004

Anne Mc Shane of the Socialist Alliance appeals committee welcomes the long overdue dropping of all charges against the Bedfordshire two

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