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Socialist Alliance

Shipwreck of dreams

January 23 2014

Daniel Harvey looks at the lessons of the Socialist Alliance for today

Left Unity: The spirit of ’45?

May 09 2013

What do we hope will come out of the May 11 Left Unity conference? Following Nick Wrack’s speech at the April 27 London Communist Forum, Jack Conrad replied for the CPGB. This is an edited version of his response

SWP and the internet: Let a thousand blogs bloom

February 14 2013

Bureaucrats fear the ‘dark side of the internet’ in the same way they previously feared the printing press and the photocopier, writes Eddie Ford

The Left: There’s no success like failure

October 11 2012

Tony Greenstein bemoans the continuing self-marginalisation of Britain’s far left

No respect for socialist principle

January 30 2008

The story of Respect is nearing its end. Peter Manson looks back at the saga of SWP opportunism. This article was originally commissioned by the Russian journal Levaya Politika (Left Politics)

Can the SA arise from the ashes?

November 14 2007

Dave Craig thinks the Socialist Alliance might have a future

Arise - what next?

October 11 2006

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group takes a closer look at the debate on the future of the Socialist Alliance

Will the Socialist Alliance fight?

May 24 2006

The weakness of the left has been highlighted by the local election results in England, writes Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group. What kind of party is needed to overcome this?

New SA council meets

January 18 2006

The first meeting of the Council of Socialist Organisations was held on January 14. The council was set up by the Socialist Alliance at its conference last November. Its aim is to provide a forum for discussion and coordination between SA affiliated organisations, local SAs and the SA executive. Pete Mc Laren reports

Building the new

December 14 2005

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks at the newly established Socialist Alliance

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