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Stuart Hall: Left’s great ‘moving right’ show

December 05 2013

Daniel Harvey reviews: Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey, Michael Rustin (eds) 'After neoliberalism? The Kilburn manifesto', Soundings, 2013

Bureaucratic fist tightens

February 04 2004

Tina Becker reports that the ESF is in great danger of being totally taken over by Ken Livingstone - with the full support of his little helpers in the Socialist Workers Party

Setting another agenda

January 28 2004

Tina Becker on another stitch up in the European Social Forums

Bureaucratic grip tightens

January 21 2004

The London Mayor is in control of preparations for the European Social Forum. Tina Becker reports

Fraught beginnings

December 17 2003

European Social Forum: After a heated debate, it was finally agreed that our first UK ESF assembly on January 24 would decide on the issue, a short text to which affiliates could sign up, and the composition and function of the working group.

London ESF money challenge

December 17 2003

European Social Forum: short on cash, will those organisations involved cough up?

European mobilisation

December 17 2003

European Social Forum: Should we cooperate uncritically with the European Trade Union Congress (ETUC)? How important are the anti-war protests? Should we demonstrate against the new constitution of the European Union? Comrades from France, Italy and Britain have pretty different views on these subjects

Charting the way forward

December 17 2003

European Social Forum: Discussion around the programme for the next ESF showed that important lessons had been learnt from the previous two events.

ESF - learn from mistakes

December 10 2003

Tina Becker reports the latest from the European Social Forum

Unite for a social Europe

November 26 2003

This appeal, the grandiosely named ‘Declaration of the assembly of actors and social movements’, was passed on November 16, the last day of the Paris European Social Forum.

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