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Scottish Socialist Party

Scotland: Independence from what?

October 25 2012

The Scottish National Party’s support for Nato confirms Alex Salmond as a canny bourgeois politician, argues Paul Demarty

Scotland: Independence fight looms

July 06 2011

Scotland is not an oppressed nation, declares James Turley

Constitutional crisis beckons

May 11 2011

Labour's defeat at the hands of the SNP is hardly a cause for celebration, argues Sarah McDonald

Scabs and vengeance

January 05 2011

Lessons must be learnt from the whole Tommy Sheridan episode, writes Sarah McDonald

SSP chickens come home to roost

November 03 2010

Where did it all go wrong? asks Sarah McDonald

How did it come to this?

November 03 2010

Nick Rogers examines the tragic results of the SSP split

Misusing Marx and Engels

March 31 2010

Allan Armstrong of the Scottish Socialist Party's international committee replies to Nick Rogers

Workers' unity, not separatism

March 17 2010

Nick Rogers replies to Allan Armstrong of the Scottish Socialist Party's international committee

Nationalism sinks left

May 09 2007

Last week's Holyrood election results were a disaster for what passes for the left in Scotland. Both the Scottish Socialist Party and Solidarity failed dramatically. Jim Moody reports

Election fiasco

May 09 2007

Scottish Socialist Party and Campaign for a Marxist Party members Sandy McBurney and Matthew Jones give their view

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