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Socialism from below in Respect

October 11 2007

Longstanding SWP member Nick Bird has resigned from the organisation in protest at its lack of internal democracy and change of policy on Respect. He spoke to Peter Manson

Looking for pastures new

October 04 2007

As the SWP leadership poses left in order to prepare the membership for a future without Respect, Peter Manson calls upon the rank and file to rebel from the left

Not in front of the children

September 27 2007

In private, behind the backs of the voting public and the working class, the SWP is said to have been circulating an 'information pack', which supposedly exposes the truth about George Galloway. Jim Moody demands politics

Now it must be counted amongst the living dead

September 27 2007

Respect's national council solves nothing. The rot cannot be hidden, says Peter Manson

Pots calling the kettle black

September 27 2007

CPGB national organiser Mark Fischer was right to appear on Newsnight to comment on the Respect crisis, says Cameron Richards

Under the carpet

September 27 2007

Mike Macnair reports from the September 25 AGM of Respect Oxford

Make or break moment

September 20 2007

Here, the CPGB introduces its motions to conference - if you support them, sign up now!

George Galloway demands the scalp of John Rees - so do we

September 13 2007

Following the failure of the SWP to reach an accommodation with George Galloway, is John Rees now preparing for a final showdown at Respect's annual conference in November? Peter Manson reports on the latest developments

George Galloway's rebellion rocks SWP

September 06 2007

Peter Manson looks at the civil war being fought out in the run-up to the November 17-18 conference

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