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Stuart Hall: Left’s great ‘moving right’ show

December 05 2013

Daniel Harvey reviews: Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey, Michael Rustin (eds) 'After neoliberalism? The Kilburn manifesto', Soundings, 2013

Iran: Election farce exposes regime’s crisis

May 23 2013

The Iranian elections are a travesty that demand a boycott, says Yassamine Mather

Left Unity: The spirit of ’45?

May 09 2013

What do we hope will come out of the May 11 Left Unity conference? Following Nick Wrack’s speech at the April 27 London Communist Forum, Jack Conrad replied for the CPGB. This is an edited version of his response

SWP and women: Countless zigs and zags over women’s oppression

January 17 2013

The central committee claims that the SWP has a consistent record of fighting for women’s liberation. Former national committee member Dave Isaacson sheds light on the not so excellent truth

By elections: Austerity assault intensifies

December 06 2012

The coalition is not as ‘weak’ as last week’s election results suggest, says Peter Manson

Pushing the button

September 13 2012

The Julian Assange furore is about war, not sex, argues Paul Demarty

Galloway shows what can be done

April 04 2012

How can the left make the most of the Bradford West result? Peter Manson joins the debate

Beginning of the end

June 01 2011

The Respect national council has declared that 'carrying on as if nothing has changed' is 'not an option'. Peter Manson reports

Agitation for independent working class politics

May 11 2011

Electoral tactics was the main topic on May 8 at the CPGB's all-members' aggregate meeting in London. Alex John reports

Who's afraid of George Galloway?

May 11 2011

The open letter urging no vote for the Coalition Against Cuts list was understandable, but badly wrong, writes James Turley

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