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Rein in Galloway

February 01 2006

George Galloway might think that by paying back part of his parliamentary salary he can take some of the wind out of his enemy's sails - but his gesture exposes again the fact that his appearance on Celebrity big brother had everything to do with advancing his reputation as a media personality and very little with Respect or working class principles, says Tina Becker

Freedom of speech still in danger

February 01 2006

While Blair's defeat over religious incitement is to be welcomed, the new law could still be wielded against the working class, writes Peter Manson. That is why it is appalling that George Galloway and Respect were New Labour's only allies in the Commons

Making a difference?

January 25 2006

Salma Yaqoob's politics have more to do with mainstream liberalism than with socialism, says Alan Fox

SWP bites its lip

January 18 2006

The Socialist Workers Party is deeply uneasy about George Galloway's antics in the Big brother house - but it was them who gave him carte blanche to be a free agent in the first place, says Peter Manson

Maverick George Galloway offends SWP sensibilities

January 11 2006

George Galloway's decision to try his hand at 'reality' TV as a Big brother contestant has thrown Respect and the Socialist Workers Party into disarray, to put it mildly. Peter Manson reports

Losing the plot

December 14 2005

The latest meeting of Respect Hackney underlined the profound crisis of the comrades in the Socialist Workers Party over their role in Respect - they either ignore oppositional voices or they shout them down. Tina Becker reports

Two-ward timid token

December 14 2005

Stan Keable attended the latest meeting of Respect West London - and was surprised by the pessimistic mood of the comrades

A dead parrot - not quite

November 23 2005

Non-aligned Respect member Sean Thompson expresses his fear that the project is being killed by SWP control-freakery

Gay rights 'shibboleth'

November 23 2005

Was it just an oversight that gay and lesbian rights did not feature in Respect's election manifestio? Apparently not, as the debate at conference showed. Peter Manson reports

A strange amalgam

November 23 2005

Respect's second annual conference took place over the weekend of November 19-20. But what is Respect, asks Peter Manson - a party or coalition? In fact it is a chimera, a multi-headed beast which is regularly redefined by its leaders according to needs and circumstances

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