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Left Unity: Keeping disagreements hidden

May 15 2014

Left Unity’s press release about Gerry Adams illustrates the fragility of its political method, argues Paul Demarty

Left Unity: What ‘safe spaces’ lead to

May 15 2014

The Manchester branch of Left Unity has seen a clampdown on debate amidst claims and counter-claims of 'bullying'

Safe spaces cotton wool

May 01 2014

Tina Becker reports on the development of the Sheffield branch of Left Unity

Serious approach demanded

April 17 2014

We publish the response of the ISN to the CPGB's suggestion of discussions around revolutionary unity

Left Unity: 'Moderate' party takes shape

April 04 2014

The new formation has adopted its first policies. Peter Manson reports on the LU conference

Indecision and irrationality

March 13 2014

March 29 is very likely to be just as frustrating as the November founding conference, writes Mike Macnair

Respecting no dogmatic label

March 06 2014

On the occasion of the 1000th issue, Marc Mulholland reflects on the state of the left

What might have been

February 13 2014

The Communist Platform meeting showed what the Socialist Platform could have been, says Ian Donovan

Left Unity: Assume we have a tin opener

February 13 2014

Mark Fischer spent a day at Left Unity's most recent TNC meeting... though it felt like a lot longer

Communist Platform

February 13 2014

This is the new version, as amended by the February 8 meeting

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