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Open borders: controversial on the left

April 12 2014

Here we collect a series of recent letters and articles from the Weekly Worker that have centred around the ongoing controversy in the letters page

Rightwing press rocks the boat

April 10 2014

Maria Miller and Nick Clegg suffer for the benefit of reactionary media moguls, writes Paul Demarty

The only effective weapon

March 13 2014

Life prisoner John Bowden writes from HMP Shotts

Rotten apples, reviews and flowers

March 13 2014

The entire police force is institutionally corrupt, says Eddie Ford

Miners' strike: Battle lines drawn

March 06 2014

We reprint below our first response to the miners’ strike from an edition of The Leninist

Cyberspace oddity

February 27 2014

As the Scottish independence referendum approaches, the ugly side of the argument is in full view, writes Paul Demarty

Miners' strike: The gathering storm

February 27 2014

James Marshall’s ‘Britain: before and after the election’ from a 1983 issue of The Leninist

Asbo mania threat

February 20 2014

The case of radical Islamic convert, Jordan Horner, may seem insignificant, writes Michael Copestake, but is part of a long-term trend of state attacks on basic freedoms

Pox on both houses

February 20 2014

What is the communist stance in relation to the Scottish referendum? Sarah McDonald urges a boycott

Labour: Another Blairite collaborator

February 06 2014

Paul Demarty wonders why Sally Morgan of Ofsted was allowed to collaborate with Gove in the first place

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