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Miners: Crisis of leadership

April 24 2014

A reprint from the Leninist, forerunner of the WW, on the crucial need for politics

Miners strike: Militants and scabs

April 10 2014

Harry Paterson Look back in anger: the miners’ strike in Nottinghamshire 30 years on Five Leaves Publishing, 2014, pp298, £9.99

Unions merger: Questions for Serwotka

April 10 2014

A Unite-PCS merger is on the cards. PCS militant Dave Vincent examines the options

How Thatcher plotted our defeat

March 27 2014

Granville Williams (ed) Settling scores: the media, the police and the miners’ strike Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, pp139, £6.99

Miners' strike: Battle lines drawn

March 06 2014

We reprint below our first response to the miners’ strike from an edition of The Leninist

Labour: Unions vote to be distanced

March 06 2014

Delegate Charles Gradnitzer reports on Labour’s special conference

Miners' strike: The gathering storm

February 27 2014

James Marshall’s ‘Britain: before and after the election’ from a 1983 issue of The Leninist

South Africa: Official ‘communists’ split unions

February 20 2014

It is impossible to overstate the crisis facing the SACP, writes Peter Manson

Labour: Everything to play for

February 20 2014

The fight for the soul of the Labour Party has only just begun. Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on the Collins review

South Africa: Opposition in disarray

February 13 2014

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, is facing jail for fraud

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