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Open borders: controversial on the left

April 12 2014

Here we collect a series of recent letters and articles from the Weekly Worker that have centred around the ongoing controversy in the letters page

Cyberspace oddity

February 27 2014

As the Scottish independence referendum approaches, the ugly side of the argument is in full view, writes Paul Demarty

Ukraine: ‘Revolution’ in one square

February 27 2014

Ukraine is in danger of being torn apart by rival nationalisms and descending into civil war, warns Eddie Ford

Venezuela: Right wing smells blood

February 27 2014

What is happening to the Bolivarian revolution? Daniel Harvey calls for working class independence

Pox on both houses

February 20 2014

What is the communist stance in relation to the Scottish referendum? Sarah McDonald urges a boycott

Ukraine: Great power tug of war

February 06 2014

The US and the EU are on one side, Russia is on the other; the human victims are the Ukrainian population, writes Eddie Ford

Legacy of the Arab spring

January 30 2014

Three years after the start of the mass revolts Yassamine Mather assesses the situation in Tunisia and Egypt

Dieudonné’s calculated anti-Semitism

January 30 2014

Free speech is too valuable a weapon to be thrown away. Eddie Ford calls for unequivocal opposition to state bans on racists and fascists

Immigration: Chauvinist demagoguery

January 16 2014

Paul Demarty looks at the poisonous bilge of our native reactionaries

Review: Fascism’s local history offensive

January 16 2014

Gordon Stridiron, 'Blackshirts in Geordieland', Black House Publishing 2013, pp260, £12

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