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SWP: Outriders for the establishment

May 15 2014

Wagging your finger at people for voting for the ‘racist’ Ukip is the wrong approach, says Eddie Ford

Egypt: ‘Road map to democracy’ sham

May 15 2014

The coup may have been aimed at the Muslim Brotherhood, writes Yassamine Mather, but now the working class is under attack too

The worker has no country

May 08 2014

As the imperialists prepare to celebrate the slaughter that was World War I, Chris Gray examines the phenomenon of nationalism

Ottoman genocide remembered

May 01 2014

Last week saw the 99th anniversary of the first detentions which led to the Meds Yeghern slaughter. Esen Uslu explains how a ‘Turkish’ state was created out of the Ottoman empire

UKIP: Part of mainstream chauvinist consensus

May 01 2014

Getting jittery, the Tory machine and large sections of the media are attacking the ‘unBritish’ Ukip. Eddie Ford is not surprised

Ukraine: Peddling absurd fairy tales

April 17 2014

Eddie Ford calls for a working class solution that cuts across the rival nationalisms at play in Ukraine

Cyberspace oddity

February 27 2014

As the Scottish independence referendum approaches, the ugly side of the argument is in full view, writes Paul Demarty

Ukraine: ‘Revolution’ in one square

February 27 2014

Ukraine is in danger of being torn apart by rival nationalisms and descending into civil war, warns Eddie Ford

Venezuela: Right wing smells blood

February 27 2014

What is happening to the Bolivarian revolution? Daniel Harvey calls for working class independence

Pox on both houses

February 20 2014

What is the communist stance in relation to the Scottish referendum? Sarah McDonald urges a boycott

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