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Open borders: controversial on the left

April 12 2014

Here we collect a series of recent letters and articles from the Weekly Worker that have centred around the ongoing controversy in the letters page

Miners strike: Militants and scabs

April 10 2014

Harry Paterson Look back in anger: the miners’ strike in Nottinghamshire 30 years on Five Leaves Publishing, 2014, pp298, £9.99

French election: First the 'red wave', then the blue

April 10 2014

Hollande’s electoral humiliation at the hands of the right shows the necessity of independent working class politics, argues Eddie Ford

Unions merger: Questions for Serwotka

April 10 2014

A Unite-PCS merger is on the cards. PCS militant Dave Vincent examines the options

Rightwing press rocks the boat

April 10 2014

Maria Miller and Nick Clegg suffer for the benefit of reactionary media moguls, writes Paul Demarty

How Thatcher plotted our defeat

March 27 2014

Granville Williams (ed) Settling scores: the media, the police and the miners’ strike Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, pp139, £6.99

Turkey government: On its last legs

March 20 2014

Erdoğan’s government is rapidly losing control, writes Esen Uslu. But the opposition seems in no shape to take advantage

Electoral reform and Greek gifts

March 20 2014

While the new premier seems destined to disappoint, sections of the left have joined forces in a lash-up that looks set to leave workers cold. Toby Abse reports

Other side of border controls

March 20 2014

Ben Lewis notes a tragic subplot in the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370

West and Putin up the ante

March 20 2014

Mainstream hypocrisy takes some beating, writes Eddie Ford

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