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Circling the drain

April 17 2014

The Co-op faces demutualisation by a thousand cuts, argues Paul Demarty

Osborne’s plans for election victory

April 04 2014

This year’s budget was meant to make older voters feel good and keep the housing bubble inflated. Eddie Ford looks back to March 19

IT house of cards

November 21 2013

There is a disaster waiting to happen in information technology, warns Amir Parviz Pouyan

Capitalism: Declining forms, failing system

August 08 2013

What does austerity tell us about capitalism itself? Hillel Ticktin discusses three key features

Eurozone: Road to nowhere

August 01 2013

Why does the European bourgeoisie insist on austerity despite the virtual certainty that it cannot succeed? Hillel Ticktin digs beneath the official claims

Brazil: Half riot, half carnival

June 27 2013

Pent-up anger has exploded. Millions have taken to the streets. Eddie Ford looks at the sorry results of the coalition politics pursued by a once much vaunted Workers Party

Reinhart and Rogoff: Austerity myth debunked

April 25 2013

The UK has been downgraded again and total national debt has risen. Even by George Osborne’s own criteria, writes Eddie Ford, Plan A has been an abject failure

Mick Philpott: Class war offensive on benefits

April 11 2013

The Tories and their allies in the media have made full use of the tragic death of six children to attack welfare in general, writes Michael Copestake

EU bailout: After Cyprus, who next?

March 28 2013

Of course, writes Eddie Ford, the troika bailout is ‘unique’ and ‘exceptional’ - just like all the others

Italy: More of the same

January 24 2013

There will be another round of cuts and austerity, whoever wins the general election, writes Toby Abse

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