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Virtual money: Exchange without value

December 12 2013

Anthony Rose looks at the growth of non-governmental virtual money

From finance capital to austerity muddle

June 13 2013

While economic growth is proving elusive, there are clear signs of stagnation and disintegration, argues Critique editor Hillel Ticktin

EU bailout: After Cyprus, who next?

March 28 2013

Of course, writes Eddie Ford, the troika bailout is ‘unique’ and ‘exceptional’ - just like all the others

Austerity: The madness of a dying system

November 29 2012

The ruling class has no alternative to austerity and the drive to create a pristine capitalism. Not only is that impossible, but, as shown by South Africa, the working class is beginning to revolt. This is an edited version a speech by Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, on November 17

November 14 strikes: Europe unites to resist austerity

November 22 2012

As the EU slips into recession, November 14 gave us a taste of what is possible, argues Eddie Ford

EU summit: Berlin demands yet more austerity

October 25 2012

The October 18 EU summit was another exercise in procrastination, argues Eddie Ford, and Spain shows the worst is almost certainly not over

Economy: Troika demands yet more austerity

October 04 2012

The euro crisis could trigger nationalist disintegration, warns Eddie Ford

Miliband clutches at banking straws

July 12 2012

Labour’s plans for ‘root and branch’ reform of the banks will hardly touch the corruption that is endemic to the system, writes Eddie Ford

The EC-IMF-ECB cometh

June 13 2012

Euphoria over the Spain bailout 'triumph' proved to be very short-lived, writes Eddie Ford

Value, prices and probabilities

March 21 2012

What is the connection between value and price? Moshé Machover concludes his discussion of the labour theory of value

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